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Holy Hearts School (School and Play School & Children School), Varanasi was established in 1996 and is managed by a registered educational society. The school is situated in lush green environment in the heart of the city. It is a co-educational institution. The main aim of Holy Hearts School is the enhancement of good education and encouragement of communal harmony amongst its students. Great importance is attached to physical training, computer education and other cocurricular and extra-curricular activities so as to enable a child to develop a healthy body in addition to a healthy mind.


Chairman's Message

The school was established in 1996 under the patronage of Dr. Balwant Rai Thukral, a renowned Cardiologist & General Physician of Varanasi. His continuous support and guidance has been a motivating factor in achieving whatever we are today. We shall always remain indebted to his kindness and noble thoughts. We believe that quality education is preparation for life. The schools approach to learning is one which focuses both on academic excellence and on helping students to develop character, creativity, leadership and the spirit of enterprise, necessary for them to achieve their full potential as global citizens and leaders of the future. Towering and magnificent growth is possible when the foundation, that is the beginning is strong and solid. Holy Hearts aims to build such an unshakeable foundation in the life of each child.

Early childhood is a time of wonder, openness and insatiable curiosity. Our integrated curriculum based on a blend of Play Way, Kindergarten and Montessori method strives to develop a sense of excitement, discovery and joy of learning amongst the children.

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Infrastructure is crucial for running a school. We ought to ensure that school is well equipped for it to function in a proper manner & to adhere to the quality standards that we have set for ourselves.

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Admission Process

The Admission Form (attached with the prospectus) must be completed and duly signed. However, an Admission form does not guarantee a seat reservation.

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School Regulation

Parents must abide to the rules & regulations framed by the school as mentioned in the school diary and admission/transport application form.

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Holy Hearts School serves children in the Pre-Nursery (Age 2 years), Nursery (3 + years), Lower Kindergarten (4+ years) and Upper Kindergarten (5+ years).

How To Enroll Your Child In A class ?

We believe that quality education is preparation for life.